what is the difference between using RiteClix vs. Hint Hint Design Co?

The major difference between the two companies is the overall setup. 


RiteClix sites are built under the RiteClix platform. Think of it like Facebook; your Facebook profile is under the Facebook platform. In our case, your “page” is actually a page on the RiteClix website, designed to perform like your own standalone website. We handle the entire process - designing, hosting and site maintenance - from start to finish, so you can focus on your business.


Hint Hint Design Co. creates custom, standalone websites of any size for businesses of any size, but the client retains costs for hosting or upgraded applications. Also, once we’re done building a standalone website, we can transfer the site ownership to you for any follow-up maintenance, or you can set up a monthly, semi-monthly or even weekly maintenance plan with Hint Hint.


why can’t I make edits to my RiteClix site?

Due to privacy issues for other pages within our site, clients on the RiteClix platform are not granted access to make edits to their page.  But that’s also part of the benefit: you don’t have to lift a finger to keep your website looking and functioning exactly how you want it. 


what is my website url if I’m using the RiteClix platform?

Once we build your site on our platform, your domain address would be However, if you already own a domain (ie., we can forward that domain to your RiteClix site, so you can advertise it as the domain you purchased. 


why do Boujee Graphix’s hourly prices vary?

Some things, like logo design or even social media ads don’t require as much information to create, whereas menus, brochures and the like require much more detailed information.

why don’t you give refunds?

We will always strive to provide you with what you’ve asked for (and more) and we provide you with the chance to make changes to what we present. While your satisfaction is of the utmost importance, creating a design for you involves time and labor that our employees have dedicated to your project and should be compensated for.


why must I transfer ownership of my site to Hint Hint to make redesigns?

This step is to ensure that there is no other interference in the work we aim to complete. It is also a precautionary measure to ensure full payment for completed work. As with websites we build ourselves, we publish sites once we’ve received your final approval and your balance is satisfied. Once that is done, we immediately transfer ownership of the site back to you.


can i downgrade my website to the RiteClix platform? 

Absolutely! If your finances change, or you’ve downsized your business, RiteClix is the perfect budget-friendly option for your new site home.


why are there limitations to RiteClix sites?

In keeping with the budget-friendly mantra, we limit the number of pages and special sections on each site to help keep our costs competitive. Sites that require more space are directed to Hint Hint Design Co., where customizations to your site are limitless.


does Hint Hint Design Co. manage SEO optimization?

We handle preliminary or basic SEO optimization in thorough description of your business and its services, as well as identifying keywords and demographic information. We do not handle SEO optimization beyond that, at this time. However, we are affiliated with several reputable businesses that specialize in SEO optimization that we’re certain can suit your needs AND your budget!