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Runtz is a unique mix of Indica Zkittlez and Exotic Gelato. Similary to the sugary and sweet runts candy, each nug warrants a different olor and flavor. The buds flirt with colorful hues of blues and purples, with traces of orange throughout the green leaf, with the added taste of candy, fruit and citrus infused in every lungful of smoke or vapor.

Runts offers more than just an amazing colorful look and amazing taste; it is jam-packed with a strong high. Runtz is widely known for having high levels of THC, with some reaching up to 29% THC. Runtz the the potential to leave you with a great relaxed, happy and euphoric mood. It also provides a relaxing body high. Due to these amazing effects, those suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress, arthritis and other aches and pains.


Blueberry Space Cake is a rare, indica-dominant hybrid; a cross between Outer Space and Alien Dutchess. It features blueish hued nugs with specs of furry brown hairs and glittery coating of trichomes. The top reported aromas are berries, tropical fruit and spices, while the flavors match with a palate of pineapple, blueberry and pepper.


Blueberry Space Cake is hard to find, but if you run across it, you won't regret buying it all up! Although the THC levels for this bud are unpublished, it is described as "super potent". Initially, you may wonder if Blueberry Space Cake is really an indica dominant bud, as your energy level increases. Body tingles lift your spirit! Some people report giggles, while others' creativity soars. However, you will eventually settle into a deep sedative state that keeps you happy, but mellow. Blueberry Space Cake is utilized to assist those who are struggling with depression, insomnia, migraines, pains and cramps.






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