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Bringing professional photography to your ministry!



  • Get updated portraits of your pastor?

  • Get a new, updated portrait of your family?

  • Replace the old directory with something new?

  • Get updated photos of your ministries and staff?

In FOCUS offers our Color Pictorial Directory Program as a FREE service to the church. An assigned, experienced consultant will setup a customized program to guide you and your directory committee through our easy 3-step process.

Enhancing the fellowship and communication, along with documenting the history of the church are just three important reasons why churches commit to a directory program. Traditional and Progressive churches alike, are truly taking advantage of this program; using it to help foster a greater sense of belonging. Studies have shown that a greater sense of belonging fosters a greater commitment to the church!


Sign up & schedule update portraits


Schedule Auxiliary & Staff portraits


Layout, proof & print directories



Our fundraising program is a great opportunity to bring families together and update their family portraits. It's also a great alternative from traditional fundraisers. There are no expenses, no risks and 100-200% potential profits, which helps make this an exceptional program.

how it works:

Your fundraiser committee sells one $10 sitting fee coupon to each participating family.
Each participating family redeems their $10 coupon and receives one  complimentary 10x13 portrait, a $49.95 value!
Each participating family will have the opportunity to purchase additional portraits on a voluntary basis.

what to expect for your efforts:

  • Once the minimum 45 families have been photographed, the organization keeps all the money collected through coupon sales.

  • If you sign up 65 families, your organization earns a BONUS of $350, for a total of $1000!

This is a family portrait program; only one (1) coupon per household. In FOCUS will not be responsible for failure to adhere to this rule.


  • Only ONE coupon per family/household. Please note: we will take additional poses at no extra charge.

  • Coupon cannot be used to photograph children alone.

  • Each family must pick up their own portraits; if you cannot pick up your photo at time of delivery,  you will need to contact our office to make other arrangements.

  • All monies will be settled once all photos have been delivered.

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