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Follow me, following my path...I think I'm getting it right this time!

ALL ABOUT ME least for now!

I don't know why describing myself to others feels like such a chore...trying to find an authentic balance between being too humble and too cocky can be a headache! 

So here's the quick and dirty: I'm a lifelong singer (once upon a time, I was in a 90's girl group with Warner Bros), I'm super creative - I love graphic design, website building, event planning, arts & name it! I've been an MC, a radio show host & engineer, a butcher, a baker, a natural soap maker...and I eventually wore myself out, trying to do and be everything. SO, after MUCH soul-searching (and therapy), I am learning to LET GO. I'm letting go of who I used to be & where I thought I was supposed to be...and learning to love and enjoy the person I am and the life I have today. 


I'm on my own little Reinvention Tour...feel free to join me.

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